A Woman’s Pleasure
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Dr Warren SheppellThis week our guest is Dr. Warren Sheppell. He is the author of, “A Woman’s Pleasure.”

Actress Patricia Arquette appeared to strike a feminist chord with her rousing Academy Awards speech calling for wage equality for women. Women in the audience applauded wildly and even many of the men appeared to show approval of her message. But wages are one thing. When it comes to emotional and sexual relationships, do men of the 21st century still want to dominate? And do they feel emasculated by women who portray such a strong image?

The answer seems to be “yes” for some men, but it is past time they get over it, says Warren Shepell, a psychologist who counseled couples for 25 years and is author of the book “A Woman’s Pleasure” (www.awomanspleasure.com), which he wrote under the pen name J.F. Kelly.

“When women feel empowered in a sexual relationship, the relationship is better for both the man and the woman,” Shepell says.  Women need to stop catering to men and their egos, especially in the emotional and sexual relationship.  Men need to learn how to feel comfortable and enjoy assertive women in the intimate relationship.

The good news is that men who are accustomed to being dominant in a relationship can learn to be better partners – both in and out of the bedroom, he says.

“Each of us desires to be wanted, to be appreciated and to be loved,” Shepell says. “The more both partners in a relationship understand that, the more satisfying the relationship will be.

“Men especially need to be reminded that making love is not something you do to someone – it’s something you share. Lovemaking between men and women should be mutually pleasurably. Both women and men should be fully and completely satisfied.”

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