Access to Power: A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life
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Nancy ShanteauThis week our guest is Nancy Shanteau. Nancy is a multi-talented author, coach, teacher and more. She helps people achieve their dreams by offering compassion and understanding to her clients’ journeys. Both pragmatic and visionary, Nancy offers support for creative and artistic expression, transformation from traumatic experiences, and life transitions.

Nancy coaches individuals, couples, families, children, friends, groups, teams, small business owners and organizations that want to implement the cooperative-hierarchical hybrid. She also offers skills for change bodywork and coaching supervision both in person and by phone.

Nancy also specializes in helping people write books.  Often working by phone, Nancy supports her clients with articles, websites, Master’s theses, books, CDs, and DVDs.

Nancy is a certified Skills for Change Coach, a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach and studied Somatics and Trauma with Staci Haines and Denise Benson.  She founded the Folkloom School in 2011 and teaches Skills for Change Coaching, Bodywork, and Mediation courses to certify Skills for Change Coaches.  She graduated with Highest Honors from UC Berkeley’s English department.  You can take her Yogahour classes in Nevada City, CA.

Nancy is a major contributor to the book Access to Power: A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life. “This book provides a general theory of change, why and how we get stuck, and what we can do to make a shift. Through an exploration of common obstacles, we learn to recognize the truth about what is possible, identify the difference between our power and powerlessness, and make plans to achieve a positive future.” More information about Access to Power can be found here.

Recently, Nancy launched the Skills for Change Thought Cleanse program to help people stop their negative thoughts. Her YouTube videos can be found here.

To work with Nancy you can contact her through her website here.

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