Breaking the Learning Barrier
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about-susan-mccrossinThis week our guest is Susan McCrossin. As a teenager, Susan found herself slipping through the cracks of the Australian school system. Because of an undiagnosed learning problem, she was frustrated and feared that she would never be an academic success.

It wasn’t until years later that Susan turned her attention to finding answers for the learning disabilities that initially put her career and self-worth in jeopardy. It was then that she realized she had been living with a form of dyslexia.

Finally, while developing, and after receiving, treatment, she began to excel in academics. She went on to receive a degree in psychology and an advanced degree in neuroscience from an Australian university. She also conducted brain research into the techniques she had used on herself, and others, to eradicate her learning deficits.

Developing Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique

The result of Susan’s work is now known as the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique. Developed in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia and brought to Boulder, Colorado ten years later, Crossinology is a drug-free therapeutic model that integrates energetic healing methods which tap into your body in order to optimize function in any area.

Having lived with dyslexia herself, Susan has a keen insight into what it’s like coping with a learning disability, the struggles that come with it and the dramatic effect it has on self-esteem and daily living.

I envision a future where early detection and correction will prepare children with learning disabilities for a lifetime of successful learning instead of frustration. I want them to function well, not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of life.
— Susan McCrossin

Susan is the author of, “Breaking the Barrier.” This book is dedicated to all children and adults who have been seeking a drug-free alternative for treating learning disabilities. You’ll read about the Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique—a non-invasive neuropressure treatment that has been proven to eliminate learning disabilities in as little as eight hours.

Tune in Wednesday to find out more about Crossinology!

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