Which Yoga Practice is Best for You?

Icon Posted on | December 16, 2013 | Comments Off on Which Yoga Practice is Best for You?

Megan McCrary yoga exerciseThis week our guest is Meagan McCrary. She is an experienced yoga teacher and writer with a passion for helping people find more comfort, clarity, compassion and joy on the mat and in their lives. She writes and teaches from her heart, sharing her own experiences, struggles and insights along with the wisdom she’s assimilated over a decade of studying yoga, while her warmhearted nature …

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Is Tai Chi the Perfect Exercise?

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Arthur Rosenfeld tai chiThis week our guest is Arthur Rosenfeld. He is a Taoist monk and authority on Eastern thinking for the Western world.

In our fast-paced, stressful lives, our physical and mental well-being often take a backseat to juggling work and family responsibilities. Like yoga, the art of tai chi provides a refuge from our hectic schedules and brings mind and body into harmony, making both stronger. Lauded …

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Fit Soul Fit Body

Icon Posted on | May 13, 2012 | Comments Off on Fit Soul Fit Body

Mark Allen and Brant SecundaThis week our guests are legendary Ironman Mark Allen and world-renowned shaman Brant Secunda. They have joined forces in their first book together – Fit Soul Fit Body. In it, they show you how to become truly fit from the inside out and take your life to the next level. Whether you’re training for …

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