Communicating With Your Animals
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marta williams animal communicatorThis week our guest is Marta Williams. She is a biologist, author, and animal communicator. Her most recent book is My Animal My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other.  She has written three other books on the subject of animal communication:   Ask Your Animal, Beyond Words, and Learning Their Language.

Marta’s latest book, “My Animal My Self” is about how our animals will show us what is going on inside of us, including our beliefs, life issues, emotions, and even our physical conditions by reflecting or mirroring these things back to us.  Animals can read our minds and hearts directly, without external clues, and even when we ourselves are unconscious of our thoughts and feelings, our animals will, at times, deliberately act these out for our benefit—to show us what we can’t see for ourselves.

They do this to help us see and heal the things that are out of balance in our lives and to show us what we need to do to create more harmony. Animals are our greatest teachers and healers in life.  My Animal My Self charts new territory in the world of human and animal relationships—showing step-by-step how mirroring between animals and people happens.  Readers are also provided with an extensive questionnaire that will help them detect mirroring in their animals. The book also gives practical techniques for resolving any mirroring situation between an animal and person that may be out of balance.

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 1pmPDT and find out how to communicate with your animals.

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