Could Your Genes Help You Lose Weight?
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Pamela McDonaldThis week’s guest is Pamela McDonald. She is a leading integrative-medicine nurse-practitioner, author, and international speaker who has focused her work on the prevention of chronic illness, especially heart and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pam has used her advanced specialty training in surgery, women’s health care, adult primary care, pediatrics, pediatric obesity, family practice, heart-disease prevention, nutrition, exercise sports medicine, mind-body medicine, energy medicine, and botanical medicine to develop the groundbreaking Apo E Gene Diet.

The foundation of her work utilizes the body’s own unique genetic expression in combination with its innate healing system. She brings together leading-edge tools in medical science and technology, as well as today’s rigorous scientific research. This enables her to prescribe a personalized patient program that honors each individual’s mind, body, emotion, and spirit, while using resources such as organic whole food, exercise therapies, and effective behavioral changes—all coming together in a powerful healing solution.

Pam was born in Paisley, Scotland, and grew up in the southernmost part of England. Originally trained as a nurse at the Royal Hospital of St. Bartholomew’s in London, England, she now lives in Northern California with her husband, Rick, and their three children.

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