Dancing With Life
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Wallis PattisonnToday on Healthy You! – taking responsibility for our own lives and how they unfold is a lesson that must be learned by us all. Some learn it and become wise in their final chapters of life and others never do. Join me as I interview Reverend Wallis Pattinsonn about her new book, “When I Learned to Dance With Life” and discover ways you can inspire and be inspirational every day. 

Like a lot of people who are entering the third act of their lives, Wallis had her share of ups and downs to say the least. Her search for self-esteem seemed like it would never be found as she pursued education as a way to feel good about herself, and feel acceptable to others. Her quest took her from one area of study to another, the list seemed endless.

One day the quest ended and she discovered her own self, what a relief this was. There was no more searching and no more feeling inadequate

When I learned to dance with life book coverToday Wallis has a new purpose in life, which is a passion for helping people, her philosophy is the more people we help the more abundant life is. Wallis knows living an abundant life, with time and freedom, is not only possible it is paramount to living a happy and healthy life.

Wallis performs meaningful heartfelt ceremonies and workshops around the world. Her ambition is to help others discover their own creative and holistic self. Change is an integral part of growing , it allows us to gain the knowledge to change the way we think.


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