Discover The Promise of The Five Seasons
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Dr Joseph CardilloThis week our guest is Dr. Joseph Cardillo. Dr. Cardillo is a best-selling author of books in the fields of health, mind-body-medicine, and psychology.  His books include his most recent book, The Five Seasons – Tap Into Nature’s Secrets for Health, Happiness and Harmony; Your Playlist Can Change Your Life;  Can I Have Your Attention – How to Think Fast, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Concentration;  Bow to Life; and Be Like Water. His books have been translated into 10 foreign languages.

He is a research psychologist and specializes in Attention Training™ and creative thinking. He holds a doctorate in holistic psychology and in mind-body medicine and is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

In addition, he co-writes books for Harvard Health Publications.

Feature articles on Dr. Cardillo’s work have appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Toronto Globe, Men’s Health, Women’sHealth.Com, Men’s Fitness, Family Circle, FIRST for Women, Curve, American Fitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Natural Health, Natural Solutions and

Dr. Cardillo will be discussing his new book, “The Five Seasons.” Do you want to learn how to maximize your energy and mindset to feel on top of your game, perform well all day, sleep deeply and satisfyingly at night and be ready to go again the next morning – simply by staying in sync with nature’s seasons?   Discover the three most common errors that people make that drive them out of sync and the three easiest things you can do to find your balance.

Join us in conversation with Dr. Joseph Cardillo, PhD, whose brand new book, THE FIVE SEASONS:  Tap into Nature’s Secrets for Health, Happiness, and Harmony will give you the power.

Based in Eastern and Western psychology, the formula of The Five Seasons is simple: change the way you process nature’s cycles and you will change your life. 

Perfect for businesspeople, all professionals, athletes, parents, or anyone contemplating a life-change or simply wanting to heighten their optimum performance.

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