Divine Feminine Energy for Healing
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Julie Loar

Our guest this week is Julie Loar. As a result of a near-death experience in 1966, Julie pursued her life-long interest in angels, dreams, space travel and other dimensions through an intensive twenty-five year study of metaphysics. Julie has been a spiritual practitioner and teacher since 1972, focusing on symbols, mythology, Astrology, Astronomy, Tarot, Qabalah and dreams. She is the author of Messengers, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things and award-wining Tarot and Dream Interpretation as well as six previous books under the name Julie Gillentine. She contributes to numerous magazines and journals, and writes a popular astrology feature that appears in Atlantis Rising. Each year she leads a sacred journey to Egypt.

Her latest book is Goddesses for Every Day. From Athena to Zaramama, 366 models of the divine feminine are assembled in an enriching collection that introduces a new goddess every day. Given her Atlantis Rising astrology articles, it isn’t surprising that the zodiac informs her yearly arrangement of goddesses. But there is a twist: in lieu of traditional astrological signs are “goddess signs” corresponding to a feminine mythic symbol. For instance, the goddess sign for Taurus is the tree of life, representing goddesses of abundance and fertility. The entry for each goddess explains her traditional role and appearance along with a key word and a contemplation to help readers think more deeply about her. Many entries come from Egyptian or Greek mythology, but Caribbean, Celtic, African, Native American, Indian, and Aboriginal deities also join the gathering. Each goddess is presented as a living tradition, whether she represents love, the sun, or war. (Hopefully, Inuit marine goddess Sedna doesn’t mind that her entry falls on leap day!)

So tune in this Wednesday and found out how connecting to Divine Feminine energy can have healing effects.

To your health!

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