Effortless Mind: Meditate With Ease
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Ajayan BorysThis week our guest is Mind Matters Radio Host, Master Meditator and author of, “Effortless Mind: Meditate With Ease,” Ajayan Borys. Are you interested in learning to meditate, but worried that you won’t be able to do it? Have you tried it and failed? Do you think your mind or your life is simply too busy? Think again.

“This book is designed to teach you proven meditation practices that are simple, easy, and enjoyable, yet so profound that you will have no doubt they are effective,” writes Ajayan. “If you follow the instructions given here, you will soon know from your personal experience that you are meditating correctly, because the experience of deep meditation is unmistakable. You will also feel the benefits of meditation in your daily life — inner calm, strength, and peace; increased vitality, creativity, and positive outlook; improved health; and more harmonious and loving relationships.”

Effortless Mind consists of a balanced program of meditation combining three highly effective techniques:

  • Chakra meditation: Meditation on the primary spiritual centers in the body to awaken higher consciousness and the spiritual energy in the body. This not only vitalizes the body and mind, but also empowers and deepens the meditations that follow.
  • Mantra meditation in the heart center: Classical and deeply relaxing meditation that dissolves stress and tension and allows individuals to traverse all the subtle levels of the mind, awaken intuition and creativity, and open to delicate, blissful layers of feeling.
  • Meditation for health and longevity: A practice that infuses the body with the healing power of awareness, bringing health, lightness, and joy.

Ajayan covers all the basics of meditation practice and also incorporates some simple yet powerful yogic techniques. Effortless Mind is sprinkled with anecdotes about the challenges and epiphanies the author has found in his practice. It is filled with the practical and inspirational wisdom of a consummate teacher.

Tune in this Wednesday at 1pmPT and find out how you can learn to meditate with ease!

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