Environmental pollutants, air quality and asthma
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This Wednesday our guest is Gillian Mittelstaedt. She has worked in the environmental field since 1992.  As a policy analyst and community advocate, the focus of her work has been on sustainability and environmental health, with Indian tribes, local governments and the community at large.

In the Puget Sound region, Gillian’s work includes research, planning and the development of policies to protect the community from contaminants in fish and shellfish, in drinking water, and the air we breathe – both outside and within the home, school and workplace. 

Since two of her own three children were diagnosed with asthma, the focus of her work has been on air quality, indoor air contaminants and asthma. In partnership with tribes and community-based groups, she conducts education, outreach and advocacy.  With the Tulalip Tribes in particular, she works with youth, families, the health clinic and housing staff to raise awareness about environmental triggers and to reduce the indoor air contaminants that can have chronic, long-term and adverse impacts on the immune and respiratory systems.

In addition to tribal initiatives, Gillian is a community organizer for families living with asthma, serves on the Washington Asthma Initiative and has volunteered for the American Lung Association of Washington as a Master Home Environmentalist.  She established the Northwest Family Asthma Network in 2009, a support group for families living with asthma. Gillian has a BA in Political Science (University of Puget Sound, ’88) and a Masters in Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University (’91).

In 2008, Gillian established a parent-to-parent support group called the Northwest Family Asthma Network (NWFAN). The mission of NWFAN is to promote asthma-free childhoods, by connecting families to a network of local resources, by helping families reduce environmental triggers through education and outreach, and by advocating for every child’s right to breathe clean air and live in an asthma-friendly environment.

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