Fat Flush for Life
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Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

This week’s guest is Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, “The First Lady of Nutrition.” She is a visionary, healthy guru, weight loss/detox expert, author, spokesperson, and natural foods icon, Dr. Ann Louise has always been a trendset­ter. Highly respected as a health pio­neer and award-winning author of  her New York Times bestseller The Fat Flush Plan.

Dr. Ann Louise forged new ways of thinking about obesity early on in her career by asserting obesity was caused by the lack of dietary fats and the wrong kind of car­bohydrates in her book Beyond Pritikin, published in 1988.

Dr. Ann Louise set the pace for new health protocols in the 1990s with four more  best-selling books.

A savvy and dynamic speaker, Dr. Ann Louise has been featured on 20/20, Dr. Phil, The View, Good Morning America, Extra!, and The Early Show. Her work has also been featured on CNN, PBS, CBS, NBC, MS­NBC, CBN, Fox News, and the BBC.
Fat Flush for Life
Her work has been featured in a myriad of publications from Time and Newsweek to Glamour and The Oprah Magazine. Millions of readers follow her advice through her features in First for Women and Woman’s World  and through her web site  www.annlouise.com  

Her latest book, a companion to the bestselling Fat Flush Plan was released in December 2009. Fat Flush for Life takes a seasonal approach to burn stubborn body fat all year long.

Join us this week as we speak with Dr. Gittleman about Fat Flush for Life and how we can use a seasonal approach to working with the challenge of body fat.

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