The Gentle Way of the Heart
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Dr Anders NilssonThis week our guest is scientist Anders Nilsson, PhD. One of the most unique authors in the literary genre of Body Mind Spirit, Dr. Anders Nilsson is at once a renowned scientist at Stanford University and a spiritual teacher. His new book, The Gentle Way of the Heart: Discover the Light Within comes at a time whenour world is in desperate need of transformation and harmony.

A Silicon Valley-based scientist with the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the author has worked in physics and chemistry research at major universities for many years. And, he is also well-known for leading numerous spiritual retreats in the archipelago of Stockholm. “Finding Your True Self Within” and “Open Your Heart To Yourself” workshops have been attended by hundreds of people.

Finding that traditional science does not explain every element of human existence, he studied the deep mystical aspects of many religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism as he journeyed on his own path of self-knowledge. He wrote, “I believe that the pathway forward to find the true self resides in a heart filled with light that appears when we are kind and gentle to others, to our surroundings and to ourselves. The purpose of this book is to inspire this acceptance and harmony through the light of love.”

In The Gentle Way of the Heart, Nilsson enlightens readers as to their life choices, the nature of reality, and to the understanding that all mankind is connected through love. The book is a joy to read and study, with metaphors that describe spiritual concepts; and exercises for meditation or contemplation that assist the reader to understand that we can radiate light and love even when in painful and difficult situations, and whatever appears in front of us can be accepted and forgiven without judgment.

At the end of The Gentle Way of the Heart, Dr. Nilsson describes how we can create a harmonious world when we live our lives from love and accept everything as it is and everyone for who they are. A sophisticated spiritual practice, the Gentle Way calls for a willingness to overcome inner resistance and change the perception of our human nature. To those who succeed come the rewards of a world transformed through the light of love.

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