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Evelyn ReshThis week our guest is Evelyn Resh CNM, MPH. She has been in practice as a certified nurse-midwife for over 15 years. She is also a certified sexuality counselor with The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.  

Evelyn holds a Master of Public Health degree and undergraduate degrees in nursing, psychology and medical anthropology. She practices integrative midwifery and gynecology with women of all ages and lectures frequently throughout the nation to professional and lay audiences on the topics of women’s health and sexual satisfaction. She is especially known for her warm, lively and good-humored approach to her subject matter and her ability to make others feel comfortable with often hard-to-discuss topics.

Ms. Resh was the Director of Sexual Health Services and Programming for Canyon Ranch Health Resorts for 10 years. In her role as director, she created and implemented programming focusing on the integration of sensuality into daily living as well as the improvement of sexual satisfaction for individuals and couples of all sexual orientations. Evelyn is the new Director of Women’s Health and Sexuality Programming for Miraval resort in Tucson, Arizona.

Her first book, The Secret Lives of Teen Girls: What Your Mother Wouldn’t Talk about but Your Daughter Needs to Know, was released in 2009 and focuses on the topic of raising sexually healthy and responsible teenager girls.

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