Holistic Pain Relief
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Dr Heather Tick holistic pain reliefThis week our guest is Dr. Heather Tick. She is the author of, “Holistic Pain Relief.” The Institute of Medicine reports that over 100 million people suffer from chronic pain compared to 25.8 million from diabetes, 16.3 million from coronary heart disease, and 11.7 million from cancer.   In 2004 Americans spent $16.6 billion to relieve pain, most of it to purchase over-the counter or prescription drugs.

No matter how you measure it, pain is a big problem: for the person in pain, for those providing treatment, for the insurer, for the employer waiting for an employee to return to work, for the kids who want their parent to play, and for other family members living with that person in pain. Unfortunately, conventional approaches to the treatment of pain far too often do not improve the situation.

In Holistic Pain Relief: Dr. Tick’s Breakthrough Strategies to Manage and Eliminate Pain, author Dr. Heather Tick offers a solution. “I have written this book as a patients’ guide to understanding and managing chronic pain,” says Dr. Tick. “The current system is broken and the path to changing it is to empower people with knowledge so they can help themselves and seek out quality care that is not damaging. My goal is always to treat people with compassion, to ease their suffering and to reassure them that their voices are heard.”

Holistic Pain Relief explores the pros and cons of a wide range of Western and alternative treatments, including acupuncture, medication, chiropractic techniques, nutrition, intramuscular stimulation, exercise, and more. Within each chapter, Dr. Tick advises readers which “positive” items and habits to add to daily living, and which “negative” items and habits to eliminate. She includes actual patient stories, as well as references to the latest scientific research.

“I hope this book leaves you with both optimism and a long to-do list. In it, I have offered different ways of looking for answers and a more comprehensive set of tools for treating chronic pain than is commonly found — and most of these tools are as simple as choosing healthier options in your life,” writes Dr. Tick. “Remember, a healthy body means less pain. You are much more than just your pain.”

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