Hormones, Nutrition and Health
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Dr Doris Kutz-ComptonThis week’s guest is Dr. Doris Kutz-Compton, DC. Dr. Kutz-Compton has worked in the field of nutrition and wellness for over 20 years.  Graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1997, she is an established chiropractor and Restorative Endocrinology™ Specialist at her family clinic in New Haven, MO.  Dr. Kutz-Compton has also been a Restorative Endocrinology™ practitioner at the Nutrition Clinic in St. Louis, MO since 2006 and is an active Associate Consultant for Lang Restorative Health Services.

Restorative Endocrinology™ has been at the heart of Dr. Kutz-Compton’s practice since 2002. Her affinity for the philosophy and dramatic success with patients reinforced her commitment to the program.  She soon pursued private training with Dr. Lang who, recognizing her developing expertise, invited her to join Lang Restorative Health Services in 2006.  As an Associate Consultant, Dr. Kutz-Compton tutors and educates other health care practitioners across the nation as they implement Restorative Endocrinology™ into practice.  Since completing the necessary training to acquire her status as a Restorative Endocrinology™ Specialist, Dr. Kutz-Compton teaches advanced professional seminars for Lang Restorative Health Services.  In addition, she has co-created and presented multiple professional seminars including An Introduction to Hair Mineral Analysis and The Evaluation and Management of Common Health Issues in Children

Dr. Kutz-Compton has acquired many hours of post-graduate training in both phytotherapy and nutrition.  She holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Phytotherapy and Nutritional Medicine as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate for Gynecological and Obstetrical Phytotherapy and Clinical Nutrition.  Devoted to her large family, Dr. Kutz-Compton is happily married to St. Louis based children’s performer, Babaloo, and is the dedicated mother of five children ages 14 to 32, and grandmother to 6 year old, Logan.

Join us this week as we speak with Dr. Kutz-Compton about nutrition, hormones and Restorative Endocrinology™.

To your health! 

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