If Joan of Arc Had Cancer
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Janet RosemanThis week our guest is Janet Roseman. She is the author of, “If Joan of Arc Had Cancer.” This book is a compassionate guide designed for people (especially women) who have cancer, or have had cancer. It also offers support and assistance for concerned and loving family and friends, therapists, doctors, nurses, and anyone affected by a loved one’s diagnosis. Using the words and strength of Joan of Arc, the author guides readers toward their own personal strength during their journey with cancer.

Offering tools of empowerment, If Joan of Arc Had Cancer, guides women toward sustenance during and after cancer treatment by using the trials and words of Joan of Arc, reshaping them into meditations and inspirational tools for reclaiming their lives and healing the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. Part One consists of thirty-one attributes called Flames of Courage, each presenting a particular theme. Each theme is explained in detail and includes the words that Joan spoke during her trial, followed by interpretation and meditation suggestions. Part Two, Gateways to Courage, encourages readers to cultivate their internal brand of courage and reclaim their personal power using contemplative exercises as well as narrative- and arts-based exercises that expand upon the attributes in the first section of the book. Many of the exercises are based on the author’s years of experience leading workshops for women with cancer. Her approach has proven to be quite powerful and healing. The Gateways offer opportunities in a safe and sacred arena for readers to reach deeper to explore their lived experiences and become the heroine in their own journey.

Joan of Arc is the ideal inspirational model for women with cancer. While reading the text of her trials, the author was impressed by her humor, bravado, moxie, and never-ending faith in herself. Joan of Arc is the perfect choice to honor the millions of women who have cancer and those who are survivors. Going beyond spiritual and emotional support, the book helps readers build a strong foundation through self-reflection and self-attention.

Janet Lynn Roseman, PhD, teaches at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine, has created hospital compassionate care programs, and offers complementary therapy workshops to oncology patients. She has been published in a variety of medical journals and lives in Boca Raton, FL.

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