Your Inspired Destiny
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This week our guest is Dr John DeMartiniDr. John Demartini. He is a chiropractor, human behavioral specialist, educator and international authority on maximizing human awareness and potential. His studies have spanned numerous disciplines. He has written over 40 published books and 160 manuscripts and has produced over 60 CD and DVD educational products. As an educator, he constantly travels the globe. Dr. Demartini is founder of the Demartini Institute and originator of the Demartini Method.

His work has been featured globally on radio and television shows, film documentaries and movies including The Secret, Oh My God and The Time is Now.

Dr. Demartini will share from his newest book, Inspired Destiny, his most significant keys to unlocking your inner genius and potential for awakening your inspired destiny. 

Based on a program originally developed for young people seeking purpose and direction in their lives, Dr. John Demartini’s Inspired Destiny has deep meaning for readers of all ages. Whether you’re a young adult or simply young at heart, it will awaken you to your inspired destiny. Do the simple exercises in each chapter and apply what you learn here, and you will:

  • Clarify what you’d love to dedicate your life to
  • Powerfully communicate your vision to others
  • Make money doing what you love
  • Dissolve the emotions that can distract you from your purpose
  • Discover the power of planning your life to become what you’d truly love it to be-not what someone else thinks it ‘should’ be

You’ll come away from this book with an immense vision of yourself, understanding the real difference between being a leader or follower, and see how to set an example for others by doing what you love. You’ll set in motion a far-reaching ‘ripple effect’, beginning the journey of mastering and living a meaningful and inspiring life. 

So join the conversation and find out how you can live your Inspired Destiny!

To your health!

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