Is Tai Chi the Perfect Exercise?
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Arthur Rosenfeld tai chiThis week our guest is Arthur Rosenfeld. He is a Taoist monk and authority on Eastern thinking for the Western world.

In our fast-paced, stressful lives, our physical and mental well-being often take a backseat to juggling work and family responsibilities. Like yoga, the art of tai chi provides a refuge from our hectic schedules and brings mind and body into harmony, making both stronger. Lauded by publications such as The Harvard Health Review, tai chi is becoming an increasingly popular form of low-impact exercise among all age groups.

In Tai Chi—The Perfect Exercise: Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength, tai chi master and Taoist monk Arthur Rosenfeld presents the fundamentals of this martial art, explains how tai chi builds optimal health, and shows how this ancient practice is still relevant and useful in our modern lives. The first Westerner to receive monk’s robes at China’s ChunYang Temple, Rosenfeld is one of the foremost experts on tai chi outside of Asia. He explains how Taoist philosophy, Chinese martial arts, and traditional Chinese medicine form the three pillars of tai chi, an ancient art that calms minds, tones muscles, and heals bodies through controlled, strength-building movements paired with guided meditation.

Rosenfeld shows both beginner and advanced readers physical exercises to try on their own—presented in order of difficulty for readers to graduate to as they progress—and methods of mental training to pair them with in order to unlock the maximum potential of the tai chi form. In addition to toning muscle, tai chi also lowers blood pressure, helps with sleep, heightens immune system response, improves focus, increases sexual vitality, and helps ease the symptoms of many diseases such as asthma, insomnia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s, and hypertension. Safer and more accessible than yoga, tai chi can even be used as self-defense. Finally, Rosenfeld offers tips for finding the right tai chi teacher and following proper etiquette in a class.

More than an exercise, tai chi is a path to a calmer, fitter life.

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