Living to Tell – Surviving Cancer
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Laurie BeckThis week our guest is Laurie Beck. When she was forty-two Laurie enjoyed a busy life as the successful owner of a Pilates studio, a wife, and mother, but then things took a dramatic turn — she learned that she had lymphoma and an incurable form of cancer. Today however, nearly seven years after her diagnosis, repeated tests show no signs of cancer in Beck’s body.

How did Beck beat cancer? In her inspirational new memoir, I am Living to Tell (, Beck describes her healing journey, which began with her decision not to pursue chemo right away and to practice watchful waiting instead, something her oncologist at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute recommended as long as she felt well. Beck recounts her efforts to heal herself by developing a healthier mind, body and spirit using a combination of Western and Eastern medicine and alternative healing modalities. For example, Beck:

• Let go of the unhealthy feelings of resentment, anger and abandonment she had been harboring for decades toward her mother, grandmother and ex and learned to forgive.

• Got lots of acupuncture and worked with a Reiki master.

• Focused all of her intentions on getting well using meditation, prayer and, prayed, and positive visualization.

• Surrounded herself with love.

• Began to pay close attention to what she put in her body; developed a healthier approach toward exercise; and pursued healing forms of exercise, like Qigong.

Bottom-line, Beck learned what she had done in her pre-cancer life to create her bad health. Then, she healed herself by making peace with her past, doing everything she could to rid her body of chronic stress, learning to love herself, and believing in her own power.

Anyone struggling with a difficult health challenge will draw strength and inspiration from Beck’s healing journey and the lessons she learned about herself and life along the way. To help them pursue their own journeys toward better health, Beck ends her book with a chapter that discusses tips and tools that can help them heal their minds, bodies and spirits.

Tune in this Wednesday at 1pmPDT to hear about Laurie’s inspiring journey!

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