Making Your Creative Mark
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Eric MaiselThis week our guest is America’s foremost creativity coach and bestselling author Eric Maisel. He has been working with creative types from all walks of life  — artists, actors, singers, businesspeople, scientists, academics, and folks from all different callings — for the past thirty years. He’s worked with MacArthur fellows, best-selling authors, and Academy Award winners; teenagers who are just starting out; unrecognized painters, writers, and musicians who bring love and commitment to each new project, despite their lack of marketplace success; and creators in every conceivable set of circumstances.

While technology has certainly inspired some significant changes in his coaching and teaching practice over the years, one thing has remained the same and that is the challenges those he works with face. “The human beings who come to me not only want to create or perform, but they also hope to do good work that is desired and respected,” writes Maisel in the enclosed review copy of Making Your Creative Mark: Nine Keys to Achieving Your Artistic Goals  (New World Library, April 15, 2013). “So much stands in the way of their realizing their dreams, goals, and ambitions!”

Throughout his distinguished career, Maisel has written more than twenty books on a far reaching range of topics that empower and educate artists and creative types. In Making Your Creative Mark, he distills his knowledge and practical wisdom from 30-years of experience into nine keys — such as Passion, Confidence, Empathy, Stress, and Relationship — that show creators how to unlock their challenges and implement real and effective solutions.

“Most likely you know how often you stall, block, and give up. Most likely you understand that the art marketplace is a difficult place. Most likely you understand how often time gets away from you, how often you fret about whether what you’re attempting matters to anyone, including yourself, and how often your discipline eludes you,” writes Maisel. “You can name the challenges. But what to do about them? Mastering the nine keys in this book will help you tremendously.”

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