Managing ADD/HD Children
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Dr. Kevin Ross EmeryThis week our guest is Dr. Kevin Ross Emery. He is the author of, “Managing the Gift: Celebrating the Gift of ADD/HD.”  This book challenges the mainstream thinking of ADD/HD. Dr. Kevin sees this as an evolutionary process and as such we need to allow it to adjust the environment and work with it, not medicate it. He believes the goal of the process is to broaden the bandwidth of humanity, not to replace non-ADD/HD people with ADD/HD but to ADD to them.

ADD/HD people over the last century have been creating a more ADD/HD friendly and challenging environment with things such as computers, internet and video games.

ADD/HD individuals are not broken, not disabled, do not need to be fixed and are mostly handicapped by a series of choices that often times they don’t know or understand why they are making.

In this book parents are given insights, tools and skills to help the ADD/HD child in their life. Through first understanding, then parenting, teaching, guiding and supporting, the reader takes the journey of how to best empower the ADD/HD child in their life.

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