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Jeanine and Mark EarnhartThis week my guests are Jeanine and Mark Earnhart, co-authors of “Marriage Works, a guide to a loving and long-lasting marriage.” Marriage Works, written in a workbook format, is based on the tools that the Earnhart’s have created and maintained over a forty two year marriage.

The Earnhart’s have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on the Today show and contribute to numerous magazines, radio interviews and blogs.

Jeanine Henley Earnhart, B.A., is an award winning artist, illustrator and art teacher. Mark W. Earnhart, B.A., D.C., is a chiropractor who practices at his holistic healthcare clinic in the San Juan Islands in Washington state.

More information can be found about the Earnharts and their book, Marriage Works, at their website:

We will be covering topics such as:

  • The importance of commitment in a marriage and how today’s society doesn’t offer good examples of commitment.
  • Three most important tools in a marriage:  Commitment, Communication and Honesty.
  • Unrealistic expectations people have when getting married.
  • Separating to save a marriage as a last resort.

It’s all on 1pm PT this Wednesday!

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