National Food Day
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Tom WatsonThis week our guest is Tom Watson, the King County EcoConsumer. October 24th, (one week from the day this show will air), is the second annual national Food Day. This day, and movement, are gaining steam, thanks to local events around the country and local and national media coverage. Eventually it could be as big as Earth Day.

Food Day is basically about supporting and advocating for healthy, sustainable and affordable food. This is why our King County EcoConsumer program is supporting Food Day and calling attention to food issues. Some of the areas we will touch on include:

-One of the healthiest things people can do related to food is to grow some of their own. I’s the best way to take control of your food supply, and growing certain items like salad greens and herbs is easier than many people realize – you can often grow your own even if you live in an apartment.

– You can’t grow all your food yourself, so neighborhood farmers markets are an excellent option. They have a great selection of fruits and vegetables, of course, but these days many farmers markets offer a whole range of food products, from meat and seafood to gluten-free pasta and even wine. There are more than 80 farmers markets in western Washington and several markets, such as the University District, Ballard and West Seattle farmers markets in Seattle, are even open year-round now.

– GMO (genetically modified organisms) food is another huge issue right now. There is a referendum on the ballot in California, for the Nov. 6 election, that would require that all genetically-modified foods be labeled. This would have significant national implications, and the big chemical companies are pouring in massive amounts of money to stop it. Advocates of labeling GMO foods are currently collecting signatures to get it on the ballot in Washington state.

– Preventing food waste is another major issue, especially when we can divert food that would have been wasted to food banks or other programs that help feed hungry people. This one is not so much about personal health as about the health of our society as a whole.

So tune in on Wednesday at 1pm and find out how to have healthier food in your life!

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