Reaching Through The Veil To Heal
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Linda DrakeThis week our guest is Linda Drake. She is an Intuitive Life Path Healer, channel, published author, motivational teacher and spiritual medium.

As a life path healer, Linda does energy work using spiritual guidance, to intuitively identify issues that have created blockages and pain.  Spirit gives Linda the ability to see and speak with spiritual support systems of angels and spirit guides. Through Spirit, she can assist in releasing blockages so that people can create the lives they want for themselves, without the old patterns, relentless grief or negative belief systems from others.

Linda works as a channel for the Group consciousness of Abraham, channeling their messages of hope and empowerment through workshops, books and private sessions.

As a medium, Linda connects with loved ones in spirit, bringing comfort and healing to those on both sides. Her work in the area of death and grieving has helped comfort thousands and taught them how to embrace the transition from this world to the next and find peace and even joy in the present moment.

Some of Linda’s clients have shared their true life stories in “Reaching Through The Veil to Heal,” in which Linda  has helped them release years of paralyzing pain and grief so that they were able to move forward with their lives.

As a motivational speaker and teacher, Linda shares powerful, direct, yet down-to-earth knowledge and tools of empowerment and healing.

Linda has appeared regularly on national TV and radio shows and her articles have been in a variety of publications worldwide.

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