Rebuilding a Marriage
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This week our guests are Dr. Daniela Roher and Dr. Susan Schwartz. The odds against marriage succeeding today are startling: almost 50 percent of couples who marry in the US will end up divorced. If there has been an affair, the odds sink even lower. Yet, in surveys conducted the first few years after a divorce, 70 percent of respondents say they should have tried harder and longer to save their marriages. So why didn’t they? The fact is, they just didn’t know how. They lacked the tools and skills needed to turn their marriage around.

In “Couples at the Crossroads: Five Steps to Finding Your Way Back to Love,” Dr. Daniela Roher and Dr. Susan Schwartz join forces to create a much needed roadmap for couples who find themselves on the dark and rocky road of a deteriorating relationship.

In this invaluable guide readers learn:

  • Why turmoil in a relationship is often linked to one’s upbringing and childhood experiences
  • How chemistry and the human mind influence and color how partners view their relationships
  • How couples can tune into their dreams to reveal the true issues they are grappling with
  • Why it’s important to rebuild trust and safety with a partner first before addressing conflict and deep-seated issues
  • How partners can recognize if they are moving in the right direction
  • How partners can “unpack their relationships baggage”
Dr Susan Schwartz

Dr. Susan Schwartz

Dr Daniela Roher

Dr. Daniela Roher

Join us this Wednesday at 1pmPT and find out how you can rebuild a deteriorating marriage!

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