Remembering the Light Within and You Are the Blessings
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Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are pioneers and worldwide leaders in the field of Spiritual Psychology, as well as Teachers and Facilitators of Awakening in Consciousness. They are renowned educators, authors, and the Founding Faculty and Co-Directors of the University of Santa Monica (USM), where they have designed, developed, and facilitated Educational Programs for the past 35 years. Both are licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Mary is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist.
John Morton is the Spiritual Director of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, an ecumenical, non-denominational organization founded by John-Roger, D.S.S., with headquarters in Los Angeles, California and communities worldwide. John holds a Doctoral degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy and is the author of the books The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings.  Since 1979, he has traveled the world teaching practical spirituality, inspiring audiences in awakening to the Divinity of their Soul, seeing the blessings in themselves, living a loving life and sharing their inherent goodness.

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