Reinvent Your Life At Any Age
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Lin SchreiberThis week on Healthy You! our guest is Lin Schreiber, PCC. She is a “is a Retirement Revolutionary” who loves helping self-reliant women reinvent themselves in the next stage of life, formerly known as “retirement.” Lin is featured on the PBS series Boomers™: Redefining Life After Fifty, is the author of The ABC’s of Retiring Retirement, and is host of the popular The WOW Zone! radio show on Voice America.  A Professional Certified Coach, Certified Retirement Coach, and founder of Revolutionize Retirement™, Lin combines her contagious enthusiasm, nonstop energy, and passion for her subject to create a fun, dynamic learning environment that energizes and inspires her audiences at Kripalu Yoga & Health Center twice a year. 

The idea of “Positive Aging” is not an oxymoron, but what are the qualities, attributes, capabilities we need to be vital and vibrant the rest of our lives? We will be discussing:

  • Encore Careers: what are they, who needs one, how do you discover what yours is, and why is working good for you?
  • The Empowerment of Change: how can we use all change (the good, the bad & the ugly) to fuel us forward in our lives?
  • Retiring Retirement: why retirement can be dangerous to your health

So tune in on Wednesday to find out how to reinvent your life at any age.

To you health!

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