Self-Care and Organizing Your Life
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Jennifer LoudenThis week our guest is Jennifer Louden. She is the author of, “The Life Organizer.”

Most women today juggle multiple schedules: full-time jobs, meal planning, fitness, spirituality, shopping, dinner parties, soccer for Jenny, and t-ball for Johnny. Their lives are so full of commitments that many don’t ever find time to focus on their own dreams and desires.  When bestselling author Jennifer Louden created an intuitive planner for herself and later shared it with others through her workshops, the results and achievements were amazing and she decided to write The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year, which will be available in a new paperback edition in January of 2014.

The Life Organizer offers a heart-centered, spirit-directed approach for shaping our lives by listening to – and then heeding — the still, small voice inside. Life Organizing helps women remain true to their own hearts while being guided by self-kindness and nourished by self-care. Louden’s book will help women from all walks of life:

  • Save time by assessing greater sources of knowing than their conscious mind alone can provide
  • Increase creativity and energy by accepting and embracing their quirky, perfectly imperfect selves
  • See themselves as the creators of their lives instead of as victims who feel out of control
  • Trust and investigate their desires, engaging with them as a way to identify their gifts and contributions to the world
  • Find and live their own lives, instead of someone else’s life

After providing a detailed overview into this more feminine approach to fitting it all in, The Life Organizer presents 13 elegantly designed planning sections that each include four weeks worth of theme-based questions and true stories of women who have used Life Organizing to improve their lives and find their soul’s purpose. Four-color printing and original artwork throughout make the book bright and inviting, to help facilitate the process of women diving fully into the Life Organizing process and their own lives.

Most of all, The Life Organizer helps women hold themselves gently accountable, giving them a place and ideas to explore their soul desires and the progress they’ve made. It will go a long way in supporting them as they learn to live from their hearts, not just their minds.

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