Sell Yourself Withour Selling Your Soul
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Susan HarrowThis week’s guest is Susan Harrow. She is a respected media coach, PR & marketing expert & author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul.

Her clients have appeared on Oprah, 60 minutes, CNN, and in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, People, O, Vanity Fair etc. They include Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrity chefs, reality TV stars, rock stars, entrepreneurs, coaches, speaker and best-selling authors, just like you whom she helps to double or triple their businesses with PR. You can get a free audio & transcript of “How to Become a 60 Second Sound Bite Genius” at She’s here today to talk about why we need to speak in sound bites in order to get what we want in business and in life. We will cover:
1. What is the most important thing to remember before even opening your mouth to create a sound bite?

2. What are soundbites exactly?

3. Why are sound bites are more important than ever in our culture today?

4. Top secrets to train thought leaders and famous clients that we can put into practice right now.

5. The big mistake most people make that can ruin a media interview.

6. What are the important 3 Ps?

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