Sound Healing for Health
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Kayla Joy SherwoodThis week our guest is Kayla Joy Sherwood. She is an intuitive healer and holistic psychotherapist who supports healthy people getting healthier.  She meets people where they are and helps them get to where they want to (and are able and willing) to go.  Kayla Joy partners with her clients to develop their awareness and appreciation of themselves, deepen the understanding and quality of their relational patterns, heal their past wounds, and fully live their true potential.

As a holistic psychotherapist, she uses an Intuitive style of therapy, in addition to Voice Dialogue, a technique which helps clients access and heal parts of themselves that they might not otherwise be able to.  As an energy/sound  healer, she works with her intuition, your energy field and her sound, in addition to what can be called your “higher self” or your “guides” in getting clear guidance on what direction to go next.

Kayla Joy works with people as young as pre-school age, on up through all the stages of maturing, into elder adulthood.  She also works extensively with couples and with families.

Kayla Joy’s expertise embraces many focal points, including:

  • maximizing health
  • spiritual growth
  • relational issues
  • communication skills
  • embracing change
  • workplace issues and career development.

Kayla Joy began her work as a healer through learning to work with her own health in her early 20s.  She has enjoyed working with a vast variety of clients over the years.  She has been a practicing psychotherapist, licensed in Washington State as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with over two decades of experience.

Kayla Joy is also a leadership development facilitator and designer, and a leadership coach. She has over 15 years of experience designing and facilitating leadership development classes for organizations from Boeing and Microsoft to the University of Washington and Bellevue College to the City of Tacoma.  Kayla Joy coaches leaders, on many issues from living a more balanced, fulfilling life to being more effective with their employees.

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