The Value of Healing With Sound
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This week on Healthy You –  it is written in many traditions that the origins of the Universe began with sound. More and more research is being focused on the power of sound in healing. Tune in for fascinating interviews with our guests Akshara Weave, composer, performer and producer of sacred music, and Stephen Jacob, composer and performer of music and poetry for the soul.

Akshara WeaveAkshara Weave is a musician, recording artist and producer specializing in the exploration of sacred sound and music in relation to health, well being and consciousness. He has been a student of sound healing and sacred geometry since 1994, and was initiated as a Reiki Master in the Unlimited Reiki System in 1999.

Akshara’s musical recordings include The 10 Minute Chakra, a meditation through the Ayurvedic chakra system as a ladder, spiral and helix; and The Reiki Healing Series, a translation of the Reiki symbols into music using sacred geometry.  His musical productions include Shakti Bhakti by Martin Wolff, an exploration of traditional Vedic chant; and The Lost Chord by Jonathan Goldman, a musical interpretation of the Divine Proportion of Phi.

Akshara’s musical work focuses on polyphonic depth and harmonic resonance in both composition and production, and combines modern synthesis and sampling techniques with organic instrumentation and vocals.  He has a passion for ancient world temperaments, multi-dimensional physics, trance world rhythms, and the divine proportion of phi; and explores these within ambient soundscapes designed for relaxation, meditation and self-inquiry.

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Stephen Jacob is an artist whose forte is instrumental music for the soul. He is nationally known as a performer and speaStephen Jacobker, having worked with such notables as Bernie Siegel, M. Scott Peck, Maya Angelou, Mark Victor Hansen, Joan Borysenko and Larry Dossey. Besides composing and performing music, his passions include writing and reciting poetry, story-telling, and leading workshops on “Living Life Fully!” He is described by his audiences as “warm,” “real,” “passionate,” “inspirational,” “very gifted” and a “soul connector.” He also loves sailing, body-surfing, hiking, biking, reading, and sharing good food and fellowship with friends!

Born in Sydney, Australia, Stephen studied classical piano and jazz and played in many different kinds of bands. He is also a student of music and dance therapy. After lengthy walkabouts through Asia, Europe and the U.S., Stephen settled in Seattle in 1983 and started his company, MMMusic. He has since composed and performed both solo and ensemble music for 14 recordings, including music for children, relaxation and meditation as well as two video soundtracks. His music is distributed nationally, including the best-selling video, “Virtual Nature” commissioned by The Nature Company. For more information please visit

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