Surviving Grief
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Dr Keith CobbThis week our guest is Dr. Keith Cobb. He is an Internal Medicine physician in practice near Savannah, Georgia. He is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine for Southcoast Medical Group, The Medical College of Georgia and Mercer University School of Medicine. His office serves as a teaching site for medical students and residents from these institutions. Dr. Cobb is a medical course writer for ArcMesa Educators as well as a contributing writer and reviewer for the medical journal Consultant and has served as a hospice medical director.

Dr. Cobb is also author of The Grief Survival Handbook. It guides one through and explores the bewildering phases of grief. Denial, depression, anger, hopelessness, insomnia and fatigue are only a few of the distressing emotions and symptoms experienced by those who are struggling under the load of bereavement. Mourning is a distressing reaction to an experience which all must face at some point in life – the loss of a loved one. D. Keith Cobb, MD presents true life examples of those who have faced the dark nights of bereavement and offers a physician’s guidance in navigating toward brighter days. For mourners and their emotional support network of family and friends, this book is a must-read.


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