The Body Electrician
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Denie HiestandDenie Hiestand is an internationally published author, Natural Health Consultant, formulator of nutritional products and healthy skin care, teacher and healer, with qualifications in six different healing art modalities. He is founder and Dean of the International Institute of Vibrational Wellness, which has teaching facilities in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland, and is the CEO of Electric Body Healthy Skin Care. Denie Hiestand is the world-leading authority on the electrical causes and connections of our food, our bodies and dis-ease.
Denie Hiestand has over 25,000 clients worldwide that have benefited immensely from his work. One of his specialties is helping the body recover from sports and traumatic impact injuries and some of his clients include members of the New Zealand All Black Rugby Team, the Swiss Olympic Ski Team, Tri-athletes, Davis Cup Tennis players and many others. He has worked closely with Dr. Vizzard in Seattle, WA, who helped set up the Oregon and Georgia Pain Clinics and is also closely associated with Dr. Baumann, the retired head of research for Ciba Geigy/Novartis in Switzerland.

Denie brings a much sought after experience and knowledge to advanced healing techniques and understanding of the electrical circuitry of the human body pertaining to quantum physics. Often referred to as the “Body Electrician” Denie strives to enlighten the medical community and humanity about the importance of the body´s electrical circuitry, its repair and maintenance, and the everlasting benefits of honoring your inner self. To find out more go to or

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