The Healthy Gluten-Free Life
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Tammy CredicottThis week our guest is Tammy Credicott. She has a BS degree from California State University, Fresno and is currently a recipe developer, part-time blogger and author of The Healthy Gluten Free Life.  Being the wife of a Celiac and mom to two girls, all with a combination of gluten, dairy, egg and nut intolerances, Tammy has cultivated a passion for understanding nutrition as it relates to health and wellness.

Tammy and her husband owned the successful gluten free wholesale bakery, The Celiac Maniac, before she was inspired to help a broader audience overcome their fears of multiple allergen cooking by writing The Healthy Gluten Free Life, a gluten free cookbook in which each of the 200 recipes is also free of dairy, eggs and soy.

And while some of her favorite things include summer vacation, months ending in –ber and photography, she finds her passion and enthusiasm for life in her kitchen with her family.  A self-taught home cook extraordinaire and Food Network junkie, Tammy has transformed her family’s health with the creation of simple, healthy, allergy friendly recipes that fit their busy lifestyle.

With this book, Tammy hopes to help guide the gluten free community in making better, healthier choices in the confusing world of multi-allergen cooking, finally allowing folks to take back control of their family’s health and dinner table!

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