The Heart of Desire
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Dr Stella ResnickThis week our guest is Dr. Stella Resnick. She is a psychologist and psychotherapist who specializes in relationship and sexual enrichment.

In her thirty-five years of practice, research and writing she has developed a method for personal self-discovery and couple’s enhancement that is based on these fundamentals:

Good therapy teaches skills for taking the distress out of stress and enhancing capacity for joy and pleasure in everyday life, work, and relationships.

An intimate, committed love is a great source of joy and pleasure, an inevitable source of stress, and a great incentive for growth.

Sexual pleasure contributes to physical and mental well-being and to the bond of intimacy, can be enhanced through sensual awareness, and nurtured and enjoyed throughout life.

To create lasting change in any area of life, especially in an intimate relationship, you need to become more attuned to your body.

Her new book is called The Heart of Desire. It draws from attachment neuroscience, brain neuroplasticity, sexology, Gestalt therapy, and the psychology of flourishing to arrive at what it really takes to maintain a love relationship that is both emotionally and sexually gratifying.

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