The Importance of Educating Girls
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Amy BensonAmy Benson left teaching, a career she loved, when she fell even more in love with documentary film and its potential to do capital–G GOOD for the world. In 2005, she and her husband jumped head-first into filmmaking by starting their own production company, Nonfiction Media. They trained themselves in the art of video by doing promotional videos for nonprofits and their own documentary shorts which have shown in film festivals across the country, including a piece about Seattle’s Tent City 3 which was selected by The Seattle Times as a “Three Minute Masterpiece”.

Two years ago while in Nepal doing a promotional piece for an NGO that provides scholarships for girls to go to school, Amy and Scott knew they had the story for their first feature-length documentary, Girlworld. Amy’s 10 years’ experience in the classrooom and her uncanny connection with and belief in teenage girls brought them to do a film that makes it common knowledge that EDUCATING GIRLS IS THE BEST THING WE CAN DO IN THE WORLD.

Some information from Girlworld: The Documentary

Girls’ education in the developing world: Statistically women around the world are less educated then men.

Countries where women are not educated have more poverty and less of a quality of life due to early marriage for girls, high birth related mortality rates, and people living on less than $1 a day.

We could be doing this film in many countries. Nepal is an example of a country that is suffering for its lack of investment in its female population.

One of the United Nation’s Millennium Goals is to put an end to this gender gap because there is so much evidence the most effective strategy against extremism is to empower women and educate girls. However, this goal is not going to be met by their deadline of 2015.



In Nepal…

6 in 10 women are illiterate

4 in 10 girls are married before the age of 14

12,000 girls are trafficked for sex each year

Suicide has eclipsed death during childbirth as the #1 cause of death among girls and wome…

Education is the answer

So tune in today and find out how you can help girls in Nepal and the Girlworld: The Documentary.

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