The Power of Clearing
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This week on Healthy You! we will be talking to Sandy Levey. In 1990, she created a simple, yet powerful modality that guides participants to dig deeper into their past experiences and release core-thinking patterns that invite repeated relationship failures and dysfunctional life experiences. Called the “Clearing Process,” it reshapes behaviour and thinking processes by investigating the sources of dysfunctional responses that govern participants’ lives. “It’s a dual modality that begins with releasing the negative past,” says Levey. “The next prong teaches participants how to let go of that negative emotion when it is recreated in the present.”

The Clearing Process is a fast, safe, and easy tool for communication between people. It mediates conflicts, tempers emotional turmoil, and clears misunderstandings that can make authentic communication difficult. Sandy Levey teaches us a way that creates a unique space for honoring emotions and assumptions by releasing past traumas which are consciously or unconsciously affecting our current relationships. These unacknowledged and unresolved issues do not disappear; rather they reappear in a variety of forms within our current relationships. In order to truly connect fully with one another, we need to momentarily drop our ego boundaries and allow the light of our True Selves shine through.

Tune in this week and learn how the Clearing Process can:

  • Release you from conflicts in any interpersonal relationships.
  • Teach you a tool that can be used anywhere at any time.
  • Find emotional closure from past traumas or relationships.
  • Create a new outlook on a life you never knew you could live.

Sandy’s unique style of coaching has helped over 30,000 people in North America, Sweden and the UK heal their past negative beliefs. “Deep feelings of guilt hide in our relationships with partners, parents, siblings and co-workers,” notes Levey. “People come to me to heal from years of familial, relationship or employer abuse.” Her special brand of counseling has helped clients reconcile with their spouses, rekindle relationships with absent fathers, renew loving, permanent connection with domineering mothers and re-establish productive, rewarding careers.

Within a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment, the workshops promote success through her tools and expertise. With over 30 years of experience, Sandy Levey founded her counseling company, On Purpose, in 1982. Her “Clearing Process” is used by other counselors throughout North America because of its simple, yet effective approach that Levey’s past clients have attested to.

To your health!

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