Turn Your Potential Into Performance
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Chris WidenerThis week our guest is Chris Widener. He is a successful businessman, author, speaker and television host. He has authored over 450 articles and nine books, including a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-seller. He has produced over 85 CDs and DVDs on leadership, motivation and success.

Chris is the past host of the national interview show – “Made For Success” and past co-host of  “True Performance with Zig Ziglar.” Chris is also a writer for SUCCESS magazine.

The Chris Widener newsletter is one of the most widely distributed newsletters on personal and professional development. Personal Development legends such as Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and Denis Waitley have lauded Chris’ work and many consider him the leader of a new generation of personal development experts.

Chris brings his experience – he has been speaking professionally since 1988 and shared the stage with US Presidential candidates, nationally known television news anchors, best-selling authors and professional athletes, and he has spoken to some of America’s finest organizations such as General Electric, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and the Harvard School of Business – to each event, crafting a unique, compelling presentation every time! Chris’ motto is, “Turn your potential into performance, succeed in every area of life, and achieve your dreams.” He very definitely gives you the tools you need to do that and delivers results-oriented programs designed specifically to help you achieve your goals!

It’s the New Year! A fresh beginning and a chance to create new successes in your life. So tune in at 1pmPT and learn Chris’ tools to make it happen.

To your health!

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