Vixen Unleashed: Find your inner sexy. Lose your outer fat.
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Lynne SadowskiThis week our guest is Lynne Sadowski. As a young girl, Lynne had a passion for being on stage, and a core philosophy that with courage and a burning desire, anybody could achieve anything they wished. Later in life, Lynne found herself working at a private Entertainment Media College whose philosophy was very much in alignment with her own. ?Throughout her career, Lynne coached students who went on to work on Grammy winning albums such as, Who is Sasha Fierce and Blockbuster movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar.  However, after years of working long hours from an office chair, her sedentary lifestyle led to obesity, depression and serious health problems.  Then, one day while taking a pole-dance fitness lesson at a local women’s gym, Lynne experienced a pivotal moment in her life; for the first time in many years, she looked beyond her “outer fat” and saw the sensual woman she knew from years ago. That was the day Lynne unleashed her “inner vixen” and began her weight loss journey.  She took the same strategies that helped her gain success in her career, and used them to create a plan to lose weight and get her life back.  Since then, she has authored the book, Vixen Unleashed: Find your inner sexy.  Lose your outer fat. Losing your outer fat is not just losing physical body fat…it’s also losing the Fears, Attitude, and Toxic behaviors, which may have prevented you from reaching your true potential in life.

In Vixen Unleashed, Lynne Sadowski shares her personal story as she walks you through a 12-week process that incorporates diet, exercise, and introspection, to help you to not only lose weight, but to develop a healthier lifestyle, which enriches everything in your life.  She calls this the “Road Trip to Freedom”.  When developing this program, Lynne called upon her friend, Dr. Keesha Ewers.  With Dr. Keesha as a specialist in nutrition and functional medicine, and Lynne’s expertise in food psychology coaching, together they came up with the perfect formula! Today, Lynne is living her passion of being on stage, speaking to audiences large and small, and continues coaching others to help them live happier, healthier and purpose filled lives.

To read more about Vixen Unleashed, or learn how Lynne’s virtual coaching programs can elevate your Unleashed lifestyle, go to:

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