What Are Chakras And How Do They Effect Health?
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Anodea JudithThis week our guest is Anodea Judith, PhD. Learn how you can heal your emotions, your body and the planet through the framework of the chakra system. Anodea is the founder and director of Sacred Centers, and a groundbreaking thinker, writer, and spiritual teacher. She is best known for the chakra classic, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System, an illustrated 435 page manual that has come to be considered the definitive work on the subject. Her passion for the realization of untapped human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises — her fervent wish is that we “wake up in time!”

Will we survive into the next age? If so, what will it look like and what will it take for us to get there? For the first time since the planet cooled, five billion years ago, humanity is capable of influencing, for better or worse, the trajectory of evolution. This requires a tremendous responsibility and maturity of the heart. In her revolutionary book, “Waking The Global Heart,”  best-selling author Anodea Judith charts the challenges and opportunities of our time.

Waking Global HeartOnly through a rite of passage will humanity shift from the love of power to the power of love. This initiation will uproot and transform every aspect of human civilization. It will demand of humankind a new myth, one that insists on cooperation rather than competition, co-creation rather than procreation, networks rather than markets, and sustainability rather than exploitation. Waking the Global Heart is a handbook for this initiation, taking us on a journey through the twists and turns of our collective history to emerge with a guiding vision for our next awakening.

Join us on Wednesday at 1pmPDT to talk to Dr. Judith about taking the chakras from the energy of the body to applying them to the energy of the planet. Don’t miss this amazing teacher!

Here’s to your health!

NOTE: This show is a rerun. If you missed it the first time be sure you tune in!

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