What Is Orthomolecular Nutrition?
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Michael MooneyThis week our guest is Michael Mooney. Because his early childhood was plagued with numerous personal health problems Michael Mooney began looking into natural health care, “health foods” and orthomolecular  nutrition at the age of 14, in 1967.

His health improved rapidly and Michael’s growing passion for nutrition attracted the attention of his biochemist father. Under his father’s mentorship Michael began to investigate progressive nutrition and in 1977 they co-founded SuperNutrition Life Extension Research, to research nutrition and dietary supplements, lifestyle, and exercise as tools to improve health, intelligence and extend human healthspan and perhaps, lifespan.

Michael is the Director of Research and Education at SuperNutrition and works with his father to create the SuperNutrition multivitamin and mineral formulas that are best-sellers in stores like Whole Foods Market.

Michael currently spends some of his spare time reading scientific reports and producing documents that demystify natural health care and the progressive use of nutritional supplements for longevity and optimum health. He also works on his free information website, www.michaelmooney.net, his favorite focus being debunking the negative vitamin studies that are promoted in the media in a web page section called “Nutrition in the Press: Corrections.” Michael is in the process of writing a new book about a progressive nutritional topic, to be published in late 2011.

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