What’s “Normal” In Relationships?
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Dr Pepper SchwartzThis week our guest is Dr. Pepper Schwartz. In 2011, wellness entrepreneur Chrisanna Northrup teamed with two of America’s top sociologists, Yale Ph.D. Pepper Schwartz and Harvard PhD James Witte, to answer a question about which we’re all intensely curious: What is “normal” when it comes to relationships between romantic partners? If we could steal a look into the lives of those who declare themselves happy, what would their sex lives look like? How do these relationship “winners” sustain that feeling of being in love decade after decade? What are their tricks for maintaining trust and openness, and for avoiding—or surviving—arguments? How do they manage to remain deeply connected and passionate despite the heavy demands of children, family, friends, and work?

Armed with these questions (and nearly 1,300 more!) and a powerful interactive survey tool known as OnQ, THE NORMAL BAR’s trio of author experts was able to execute the most extensive survey of romantic relationships ever conducted, polling nearly 100,000 respondents around the world. By comparison, the Masters and Johnson and Shere Hite surveys each collected data from only a few thousand.

With THE NORMAL BAR: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples and What They Reveal About Creating a New Normal in Your Relationship (Harmony; February 5, 2013), Northrup, Schwartz, and Witte offer a rare—and surprising—window into what our neighbors’ sexual and emotional lives are really like. You’ll learn what happens to passion as we grow older, what each gender wants when it comes to sex, the factors that spur marital combat, how kids figure in, the tiny habits that drive partners absolutely batty, and all the answers to much wondered about relationship questions like:

  • Is there a sexual frequency “magic number” for happy couples?
  • Does sharing the same religious and/or political views really make or break a relationship?
  • Does money buy relationship happiness?
  • What is “normal” when it comes to porn usage?
  • Do friends make good life partners and lovers?
  • What is the #1 sexual fantasy for men (it may surprise you!)?

And yet THE NORMAL BAR is much more than the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to learn the relationship-tested keys to satisfaction and contentment in areas such as communication, sex, affection, and financial cooperation. The book provides a range of practical, life-changing tools and tips to adjust your “normal” if you desire, bringing your relationship to a level that is healthier, more contented, and more fulfilling.

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